Pro baseball in Baltimore

Baseball is by far one of the most televised games and brings in the most money in all of sports. Baseball players are the highest paid athletes in all pro sports. On the date of April 30th, 2015 in Baltimore there was a difference in the game of baseball. Most of the time seats and stands at a baseball event are sold out but that was not the case on this date. Not a single person in society was allowed into the ballpark to attend the baseball game. The riots that have been happening in this city were the cause for this. For the first time in history there was a baseball game played without any crowd at all. This is a big deal in the sporting industry because of the lack of profit they will make. Not only for money purposes but I believe this makes the players try less. Only the people watching their game on the television can see how they are doing, players don’t get the drive and motivation when there isn’t excitement in the crowd. This could of been the issue for the Sox as they went on to lose against the Orioles 8-2. This is not an easy time for anyone in Baltimore but their team came through and won it for themselves even with nobody in the crowd watching. Baltimore today

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