Job Shadowing

On my job shadowing experience I went on a ride along with a cop. The ride along was with the Joliet police department. The mission of the Joliet Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in the City of Joliet by working with the community for a safe city. Going in I was expecting it to be a lot more exciting than it actually was. You would think that going with a cop you would see a lot of action and excitement. But really a cops day is pretty easy unless there is something big going on. You start by getting your routes and areas to be on watch for. After that you can get food talk to other officers or just patrol the streets. During my experience I realized that being a cop really isn’t for me. What I really want to do is be a stock broker for a big company. A stock broker is an agent that charges a fee or commission for executing buy and sell orders submitted by an investor. Stock brokers deal with a lot of money and have the potential to make up to $123,269 a year. Their job can be very beneficial or the complete opposite depending on where you work. Because of discount brokers, nearly anybody can afford to invest in the market now. For my presentation I believe that I did fairly well. When went through my slides I explained what each part of it meant and how the jobs work. There were many different factors the affected the two jobs that I had talked about. Next time that I do a presentation I can work on making it a bit shorter than it was. For the most part I think I did a good job on the presentation and the project itself.

Interview post

When we did the interview in class I felt like it was pretty easy because of how we did it. Being with one of your friends doing an interview is way easier than doing it in front of your boss. Since I knew what the questions were going to be I always knew what to say whenever a classmate asked me something. Although both of the classmates that interviewed me made it fun so it made the interview easy, it was hard to take serious because a real interview would not have been like this. With a classmate you are not as serious as with a boss because you want to really impress your boss. I think that the way I responded though would impress an actual boss because I had a good approach to it. When it comes to getting a job you have to tell the truth but also tell the person interviewing you what they want to here. Since I already have a job I know what it takes to make your boss like you. Advice that I give people to use during an actual interview is to have a good attitude and make the person like you. If someone likes you they will want to work with you because it can make their job more fun having someone enjoyable at work.

Pro baseball in Baltimore

Baseball is by far one of the most televised games and brings in the most money in all of sports. Baseball players are the highest paid athletes in all pro sports. On the date of April 30th, 2015 in Baltimore there was a difference in the game of baseball. Most of the time seats and stands at a baseball event are sold out but that was not the case on this date. Not a single person in society was allowed into the ballpark to attend the baseball game. The riots that have been happening in this city were the cause for this. For the first time in history there was a baseball game played without any crowd at all. This is a big deal in the sporting industry because of the lack of profit they will make. Not only for money purposes but I believe this makes the players try less. Only the people watching their game on the television can see how they are doing, players don’t get the drive and motivation when there isn’t excitement in the crowd. This could of been the issue for the Sox as they went on to lose against the Orioles 8-2. This is not an easy time for anyone in Baltimore but their team came through and won it for themselves even with nobody in the crowd watching. Baltimore today

MLB The Show 15

The game of MLB The Show 15 is the best game out. This game is a baseball game that is only for the PS4 or the PS3. Xbox people don’t get the chance to play the greatest game out of 2015. I play MLB The Show 15 everyday when I get home from baseball. There are many different modes that you can play on this game. My personal favorite is the My player. In My player you make your own character that is yourself or a random person and you choose a position. After you create you character you start with a skills game with a bunch of pro scouts watching and evaluating how you play. If you do well you will get drafted in a higher round, but if you do bad you will probably get picked in a later draft pick. When a team drafts you, you then start off in double A baseball and work your way up to the MLB on the pro squad. When your character does good you earn points and you can up your characters skill points making him a higher rank. The point of My player is to make your character the best player in the MLB and have a rating of 99.


Job Shadowing

For my job shadowing I went on a ride along with a cop. Going in I expected to see a lot of action, high speed chases, guns being fired, chasing down criminals, ect. But unfortunately it was not how I expected it to go. The job of a cop can have its fun/exciting days but it can also have its boring days. It just so happened that I ended up going on a boring day. Nothing really happened besides pulling over a few people on the roads. I learned that cops have it pretty easy unless they are having a busy day. If there isn’t much action going on they can just chill in their squad car, talk to other police officers, or get something to eat. Like most people say it is true that cops are always eating coffee and donuts. The first thing we did when I got in the car was make a Dunkin Donuts stop. I had a decent time on the ride along but I wish there was more action. I would highly recommend people picking a ride along for their job shadowing.

Friday the 13th

People have been known to be scared of this day. Bad luck just seems to be in the air, and most people are on edge. In the United States alone, it is estimated that between 17 and 21 million people dread the date to the extent that it can be classified as a phobia. Many believe that Friday is considered the day that Eve gave Adam the “apple” and they were kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Not only is Friday the bad part of this date but the number 13 is another symbol of bad luck. At the Last Supper there were 13 people at the table and that was the night Jesus was betrayed, with that said people have a believe that 13 is unlucky. This theory can have a big conception because so many people have strong believes in religion.

Wiz Khalifa

Image result for wiz khalifaWiz Khalifa is who he is, some think of him like a brand. Within each relevant brand exists a community (or few), and within each community is a lifestyle. This lifestyle is what Wiz aims to articulate on his upcoming fourth studio album Blacc Hollywood. The 26 year old millionaire does what he wants when he wants, and loves what he does. As illustrated on the ONIFC cover, Wiz is inspired by rock star greatness. Khalifa says that the era that exhaled such ethos the most was the 1980’s, when leather-tight geniuses like Eddie Murphy and Ozzie Osbourne reigned supreme. To clarify the misspelling of “Blacc,” in his album Blacc Hollywood, Khalifa says: “It’s not a color, it’s a mind frame of early 80’s Rock & Roll when nobody gave a fuck and everybody was a star and everybody had a limo. The music was so good and there were so many stars born from that attitude that I just wanted to channel that and represent it with the album.” Wiz lives the lifestyle that everyone should live. Do you how you want to do, live life and enjoy everything in it. Doesn’t matter if you are black or white because you as yourself makes your own success.

Drug Use in Sports

In recent discussions of drug use in sports, a controversial issue has been whether athletic enhancement drugs should be  allowed or should the athletes who use them be punished? On the one hand, some argue that drug use help the players reach their full athletic ability.From this perspective, I see that pro athletes are expected a lot out of them when they are playing sports.On the other hand, however, others argue that using drugs is against all regulations and fairness of the game. Why should somebody get an advantage over someone when they didn’t have to work as hard to get to the next level? In the words of one of this views main supporters, “The use of performance-enhancing drugs may lead to adverse physical, emotional, legal and financial consequences.” (McLaughlin, August). According to this view, not only is drug use a violation to fair play and honesty but it also has its chances of health risks.  In sum, then, the issue is whether Athletic enhancement drugs should be allowed or should they be banned from all pro sports. My own view is that if players are already getting a huge amount of pay they should have to earn it fairly. People who try their absolute hardest sometimes don’t even make it big while others are cheating their way in. Though I concede that some players need that extra boost to get better, I still Maintain that everyone should have the same opportunity to make it to the big leagues. For example, how would you feel if you put hard work and dedication into a sport and you didn’t beat out someone because they used illegal drugs to make themselves better without putting in the same amount of work as you put in. Although some might object that athletic enhancement drugs are needed to get the best work out of athletes, I reply that those who can put in the work their self and get a fair chance to make it somewhere are better than any athlete who gets their boost from using illegal drugs. The issue is important because athletes everywhere aren’t getting their fair chance to make their dream come true all because of lazy people who think it’s okay to cheat to make their athletic ability better.



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